Evernote is probably one of the best applications invented! I have being using it for the last 3 years and it is installed on all my PCs, blackberry, Mac, and ipads and I use it for everything from clipping web pages, to do lists, important work information,  household projects, travel reservations, warranty, saved emails, etc etc etc. Although I do not store much data in terms of MB, I upgraded to the premium version ($5 per month or $45 per year) so that I could secure my ipad notes and get offline files on the ipad which is extremely useful for working on the plane. The premium version allows up to 1 GB to be uploaded per month vs the 65MB for the free version plus it gives note history, faster image recognition, indexing of PDFs and individual notes can go up to as much as 50mb.

Here is a screen shot on the iPad. Its very easy to use but has some really cool features. You can set up multiple notebooks to segregate information and then also tag each note with multiple tags to make searching extremely easy. You can easily create voice notes or upload pictures. One of the ease of use features I constantly use, is to add check boxes inside of the note for various lists and then you can check them complete from the preview pane without having to open the note. Another great feature is the ability to send emails directly to your note book so often I will forward critical emails from work or home to  Evernote so I can easily reference when on the road without having to open email.

There is quite an eco-system growing around the application with additional tools to allow you clip web pages from most browsers, an outlook plug in to clip email messages, a tool called Hello that allows you take a picture of a person or business card and update their details. I also use Skitch on the ipad and Mac to take screen shots and upload to Evernote and my favorite writing apps on the iPad allow you to directly upload to a notebook. In fact now I often check to see if there is Evernote integration built into a productivity app before I purchase.

Overall I cannot recommend Evernote enough and the occasional time it has been down over the last 3 years make me recognize how important this has become. I would like to see a time line or calendar view option so that it would be easy to follow journal type entries. Enjoy!

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